Ragged Lake

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Ragged Lake is located in the Southwest area of the Park and has an appropriate name.

Ragged Lake has three main areas:

  • Parkside Bay on the west
  • Crown Bay on the south; and
  • Archer Bay on the east which includes West Bay and South Bay

Access from:Edit

  • Claude Lake and Smoke Lake from the north
  • Big Porcupine from the south east




a fall dawn

Ragged campsite 28

view of the campsite from the north

A beautiful site at the end of a point facing generally west, just at the entrance to Parkside Bay.


Ragged lake 38


Another great site on Parkside Bay on the tip of a penisula looking west. This site has a generous flat seating area around the fire pit.
Ragged lake 38 s

late afternoon looking south

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