Canoe Lake

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Canoe Lake is a major entry point to the Park for canoeists and is located in the Northwest area of the Park.

Located just north off Highway 60 are:

  • an Algonquin Park office where you can check in to the park
  • a parking lot to leave your car while you canoe into the park (permit required)
  • showers where you can wash up before you go home
  • The Portgage Store where you can rent equipment
  • a restaurant (and ice cream store)
  • a gift shop

There are no campsites on Canoe Lake, just cottages, some camps and motor boats.

From Canoe Lake you can access:

  • to the north: Joe Lake

Points of InterestEdit

At the north end of the lake is a memorial cairn in memory of the famous Canadian landscape painter Tom Thomson, who drowned nearby. Open in Google Maps

IMG 0593

cairn in memory of Tom Thomson

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